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200+ Sales & Counting

From Fine Art in Scottsdale to Fine Furnishings in Paradise Valley, our team has handled significant sales throughout the Phoenix metro area. 

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From Preparation to Payment, an estate sale event typically takes 2 weeks.

This is why we offer a complimentary consultation! We will be happy to meet with you and provide you with a custom solution for accomplishing your goals. No situation is the same, so our services provide you with flexibility and assurance in meeting your objectives of minimizing costs while maximizing returns.

Estate in Time has an exclusive list of dedicated and interested buyers for all estate sales. We advertise upcoming sales on our website, in our private email list, and on social media platforms as needed. We also post on relevant websites that fit the contents of your estate sale. When globally advertised, our estate sales reach the eyes of up to 150,000 people.

Depending on your needs, there are several options which vary based on whether you want them removed from the home, donated or consigned. We can discuss your options during our complimentary consultation and recommend appropriate solutions.

Our certified personal property appraisers have over 9 years of individualized experience doing appraisals. We are often entrusted with high-end items, such as bronzes, fine art, fine jewelry, coin collections, firearms, cars, and car collections, Native American pottery and weaves, fine rugs, and more.  We look at comparable items, much like what is done when pricing a home for sale and we determine the best, most accurate price on the market. 

We staff each estate sale with the appropriate number of staff to help with customers and monitor the sale. We also check receipts at the door and there is only one entrance/exit from the sale. Smaller high-value items, such as coins and fine jewelry, are displayed in locking tempered glass cases and staffed appropriately. We also use a mobile security system to deter theft.

Estate In Time® does not own a consignment store nor sell items in an online venue such as ebay, etsy, or chairish as we consider that to be a conflict of interest to the best interests of our clients. We also do not take possession of your remaining items at the conclusion of the sale. However, we do have several vetted resources available for the disposition of your unsold property and can assist as needed.

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