Professional Estate Sale Services

Commitment to help you breathe easy during this transition.

Unexpected life events can be stressful. Even planned moves and relocations come with a great deal of difficult decisions.

We help you resolve your apprehension when it comes to making decisions for your belongings or those of your family members who have passed. 

Our approach is always one of compassion and care – your interests are our interests. Dignity and respect do matter.

We offer a wealth of expertise and experience in handling your estate sale needs from start to finish and we’re always happy to help.

Our Origin Story

With over 24 years of business experience & their Doctorates, Jennifer and Robert retired from their hard work as physicians to pursue their passion in estate sales. Having a BS degree in Child, Parent & Community Services Jennifer knew she could understand and serve families in a unique, memorable way. Having a BS degree in Nutrition, Rob was able to merge his business experience and compassion for people with Jennifer’s community knowledge to bring an elevated approach to helping families through the transition of selling their beloved belongings.

Taking their love of people and their dedication to hard work, they founded Estate In Time in 2014.  Upon founding the business, Robert developed our exclusive, proprietary software program that keeps an accounting of all items being sold at an estate sale and generates a custom report detailing all prices realized data at the conclusion of the sale. Giving you the most exclusive and accountable estate sale experience you can find.



The emotional impact of the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a divorce, relocation, or the downsizing of a home are among life's primary stressors. It can be overwhelming to manage an entire lifetime of your own or a loved one's possessions. We will show dignity, respect, and compassion and we will make your transition easy from start to finish.


In a successful business, ethics, integrity and trust go hand in hand. We firmly believe that every client needs an advocate, someone to be on their side, and protect their interests. Trust is built on our promise to always be honest, keep our word, and keep the lines of communication open.


We will account for our activities, accept responsibility for our actions, and disclose our results in a transparent and timely manner. In order to hold ourselves accountable, we have built systems that protect your personal property through barcoding and a transparent sales approach.

Get to Know Us

Jennifer and Robert pride themselves on only hiring qualified team members so you can have peace of mind that your home and belongings are in good hands.  All staff are vetted and background checked prior to hire. Estate in Time, LLC is honored to have a team of 14 highly qualified experts and specialists.  Our team consists of Certified Personal Property Appraisers, Interior Designers, Specialists in Fine Art, Fine Jewelry, Coins, Firearms, Antiques and Collectibles.  

Get to know Jennifer:

  • I grew up in eastern  Iowa
  • I’m a Certified Personal Property Appraiser through CAGA
  • I attended Iowa State University for undergrad and Palmer University for my Doctorate
  • I have over 24 years of business and entrepreneurship experience in the Phoenix Metro area
  • I love to hike the mountains of AZ and CO
  • I specialize in fine jewelry and enjoy fine art
  • Dinner and relaxing beside my husband is my favorite way to end the night.
  • I love what I do and my passion is my purpose

Get to know Robert:

  • I grew up in Southern California
  • As a child, I traveled multiple states finding and learning about valuable antiques
  • I’m a Certified Personal Property Appraiser through CAGA
  • I attended California State University for undergrad and Palmer University for my Doctorate
  • I have over 24 years of business and entrepreneurship experience in the Phoenix Metro area
  • I love strength training, fitness and hiking the mountains of AZ and CO
  • I enjoy taking photos of nature
  • I specialize in coins, fine art and photography
  • The best way to end the day is a good dinner and relaxing beside my wife.

Honesty & integrity through accountability.

Certified Personal Property Appraisers through CAGA

Accredited members of American Society of Estate Liquidators (ASEL)

Professional Estate Liquidators (PEL) through ASEL

A+ rating with the AZ BBB

6x Nominee and Finalist for 2018 BBB Torch Award for Ethics



Team Lead Manager & Fashion Specialist


Interior Designer


Fine Jewelry Specialist


Sr. Sales Specialist


Team Lead & Sr. Visual Merchandiser


Not all of our staff could snag a photo, but we want you to know their names just in case:

  • David-Security
  • Jerry-Security
  • Branden-Cashier & Customer Service Specialist
  • Maria-Customer Service Specialist
  • Brielle-Customer Service Specialist
  • Mary-Customer Service Specialist
  • Nancy-Customer Service Specialist

compassion + integrity + accountability